Sister Wives season 8 renewed or cancelled? Kody wants to have two new wives?


Rumors have it that TLC may be cancelling their hit reality series “Sister Wives” due to some issues that the polygamous family is facing.

The show wrapped up season 7 last month, but the network has yet to officially renew it for season 8. According to reports, the producers are still discussing the future of the franchise as the recent installment is deemed to be the most chaotic one, given all the controversies Kody Brown and his four wives had experienced.

It can be recalled that even though Meri’s catfishing scandal broke out in season 6, the repercussion of the scandal was enduring and was felt by the cast members all throughout the latest episodes.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that an order for another run has not yet been made due to the patriarch’s desire to look for two new wives. Robyn’s Kendra Pollard dropped the names of the women Kody allegedly wishes to get married to in an interview with Life & Style magazine, via Hollywood Life. These apparently are Amber, who is a family friend and Mindy Jessop, Robyn’s step-niece.

“Kody doesn’t want to keep dealing with his current wives. They haven’t been supportive of him, so Kody has planned the ultimate revenge. The Browns have mingled with Amber on and off over the years. Robyn’s not sure, and I’m not sure, if this is a legit love or for TV purposes,” she revealed.

“It’s freaky, and Kody swore that he would never do this… Kody’s … on the wife topic again. I just refuse to go there… I am so frustrated,” Robyn’s texts to Pollard apparently revealed.

Kody has yet to comment on the matter and since the network has not released any official statement yet, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. More details regarding season 8 of “Sister Wives” are expected to be unveiled in the following months.