'Sister Wives' season 8 cancelled, renewal rumors: Show in deep trouble as wives threaten to leave Kody


No one really knows what’s going to happen to “Sister Wives.” Will it get renewed? Is it cancelled? Well, TLC is the only one that can answer those questions; however, the network is still keeping its lips sealed.

News of the show’s cancellation came out again the past few days as sources revealed that TLC might pull the plug on season 8 if Kody Brown decides to divorce his current legal wife, Robyn. It is rumored that Robyn is not happy with Kody’s plans to divorce her so he could take two more wives. Apparently, she’s planning to the divorce Kody herself.

Kody is going to have to face a lot of angry wives since Robyn is not the only one fed up with his behavior. Reports say Meri and Christine may also leave him because of his recent antics. If the three of them leave “Sister Wives,” there won’t be much of a future for a show based on polygamous marriage since Janelle will be the only one left on Kody’s side.

New of Robyn, Meri, and Christine leaving first came out earlier this month when Robyn’s friend Kendra Pollard told Life and Style that three of Kody’s wives were thinking of leaving the show. “Kody is really, really sweating losing the show and he’s doing everything he can to keep it,” Pollard stated.

An inside source also told the publication that the network knows that their viewers don’t like Kody at all. “Kody’s done so many messed-up things that it serves him right to be pushed aside,” the unnamed source revealed.

Last week, Pollard told The Inquisitr that Kody was doing all he can to make sure the show stays on air since he allegedly has no income outside of “Sister Wives.” She also said his wives would leave him.

Is this the end for “Sister Wives”? News of viewers not liking Kody does not bode well for the show at all.