'Sister Wives' season 8 spoilers: reality show will return for new season cancellation rumors


TLC’s “Sister Wives” is one of several reality television shows that lately have been subjected to numerous rumors of cancellation. But amid the speculations, the upcoming eighth season of the series that showcases the life of a polygamist family with patriarch Kody Brown appears to indeed be happening.

Blasting News first reported about the prospect of cancelling the reality series after a family friend of the Browns named Kendra Pollard revealed via Life & Style magazine that Kody was contemplating on adding two more wives, which accordingly did not sit well with TLC. The report said that the network might come under fire from its viewers if it appears to tolerate the kind of lifestyle Kody is trying to portray to millions of people watching the show in the United States.

The series focuses on Kody’s life as a husband with several wives. His legal wife is Robyn, who he has a son and daughter named Solomon and Ariella Mae. Before Robyn, he also was legally married to three women, Meri, Christine, and Janelle. All in all, Kody has 18 children with his several wives and they all live in one home in Las Vegas.

It still isn’t clear what TLC has to say about it, but good or bad publicity is still publicity and even though adding two more wives will fuel more controversy to the polygamous setup, there is no doubt that it will generate more interest on TV.

Meanwhile, another rumor claims that Kody has actually gone as far as already having a couple of prospects to be his next wives. Season 8 could very well feature Mindy Jessop, Robyn’s step-niece, and Mindy, a friend of the family, to be the new women in Kody’s life, although this too isn’t in any way confirmed by the network.