'Sister Wives' season 8 news, update: wives blaming each other for show's imminent cancellation?


One of television network TLC’s most viewed programs, “Sister Wives” is more likely to have its final curtain anytime soon after recent news that the cast of the reality show has been blaming each other for the cancellation rumors. Although there is little doubt that it is still a very popular reality series, the prospect of TLC pulling the plug is very real and judging by how things have been going lately, no other network may be willing enough to take the risk of airing another season.

First reported by Life and Style, the new rumor claims that patriarch Kody Brown’s wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn are now at odds with each other because they are trying to put the blame on why the show is on the brink of getting canceled. And by the looks of it, there really is no one for them to turn to in times like this because they only have each other to work and live with since the start of the show.

The magazine quoted an anonymous source as saying that TLC is currently looking at the prospect of replacing “Sister Wives” with another show, although it isn’t clear if it’ll be another reality series or not. The source went on to reveal that everyone in the cast is in desperation mode which is probably the reason why they are fighting.

According to Enstarz, a previous report that revealed Meri’s investment in a new man was already an indication that there is trouble in paradise trouble that TLC could have deemed as no longer appropriate for the small screen. Kody and Meri actually already divorced in 2014, but the speculation of Meri living with a new man is a step up in the controversy since she still is spiritually responsible as one of Kody’s wives in his polygamist family.