'Sister Wives' season 8 update: Show's fate continues to hang in the balance as the Browns are rumored to have internal crisis


Various rumors continue to plague the Brown family specifically Kody which eventually spills onto speculations about the cancellation of the family’s reality TV show, “Sister Wives.” Coming to its eighth season, the show which follows the clan’s unusual setup is once again in question after a series of scandals and even a rumored crisis between the stars themselves.

It is no secret that the Brown patriarch has been hounded by various rumors that range from wanting to add more wives to his household to him struggling financially. Just before the show was renewed for its seventh outing, rumors were rife that an eventual cancellation was looming around the corner. This, however, did not come to fruition as “Sister Wives” eventually continued to air with the premiere episode tackling Meri’s online shenanigans that led to her being catfished.

Meri’s woes ultimately hinted that something wrong was going on inside the Brown’s abode. The fact that she claimed that she had fallen in love with someone from the internet seemingly proved that her relationship with Kody and the whole setup was no longer working for her. However, regardless of what happened, the two continued to put on happy faces amid the issues that they were tackling. With Kody wanting to add more lovers, his other three wives may eventually have issues with the setup which can lead to them leaving him.

What is unclear is whether Kody’s eagerness to take on more lovers is because of his natural instinct or it is simply a scheme to offer something new to TLC so the network orders another season of their reality show. Needless to say, a lot of questions about the fate of the show continue to swirl.

Should “Sister Wives” get another season, it is safe to say that the upcoming wedding of Mykelti with fianc Tony Padron will be one of the highlights of the installment. More so as dad Kody will be the one officiating the union which appears to be a family tradition now. It can be remembered that it was the same setup when Maddie tied the knot with Caleb Bush. Mykelti and Tony are to be married on Dec. 17.