'Sister Wives' season 8 rumors: Kody Brown suffers midlife crisis, wants two more wives?


“Sister Wives” season 8 promises to present more complications in the life of the Brown family. That is, if TLC renews the controversial reality television series for an eighth year run.

Midlife crisis, a hidden wife, and a monogamous wedding ceremony are said to be on the slate when “Sister Wives” returns for season 8. Kody Brown, the patriarch of the polygamist family featured in the show, is currently in his late 40’s and is said to be suffering from midlife crisis. He also allegedly wants to add two more wives to his family, a plan that has presumably sparked his current wives’ anger and TLC’s disapproval.

Could this be the reason why the network is still hesitant about renewing the series? Rumors are also going around that this could all be just a publicity stunt to inspire renewed interest for the show.

Kody Brown’s polygamist family consists of four wives and 18 children. He has been with his oldest wife Meri for 26 years, and his newest wife Robyn for six. Kody used to be legally married to Meri, but divorced her in 2014 in order to legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from a former marriage. He remains in a spiritual union with Meri, as well as with Janelle (his wife of 22 years), and Christine (his wife of 21 years).

The first season featured Kody’s courtship of, and eventual marriage to, Robyn, which inspired feelings of jealousy in his other wives, but it was eventually resolved in later episodes. Adding two more wives could incite the same reactions with more unfavorable results, especially with Kody allegedly battling midlife crisis, which could make him more prone to sudden bursts of anger. This could also cause conflicts between him and his family.

There are also rumors about a hidden wife that could potentially cause more complications to the Brown family if “Sister Wives” does return for an eighth season run.

Meanwhile, on a brighter note, Mykelti Brown is about to marry her fianc Tony Padron in a ceremony that is expected to be officiated by her father Kody, the same way he did for his other daughter, Maddie, when she married Caleb Brush.

Mykelti is Kody’s daughter with Christine. She and her fianc plan to lead a monogamous married life like Maddie and Caleb this year.

The wedding is said to be scheduled on Dec. 17. If and when TLC finally renews “Sister Wives” for an eighth season, the series is expected to feature the wedding in one of its episodes.