'Sister Wives' season 8 renewed? Kody Brown rumored to add new lovers amid financial woes, TLC remains silent


The Browns have been plagued with numerous controversies since 2010 which is when their reality show “Sister Wives” debuted. This is basically the same reason why TLC continues to renew the reality show despite a chunk of their demographics being turned off by the family’s unconventional lifestyle. However, it appears that their ways, especially Kody’s, has the network re-examining their production of the series.

There have been numerous reports that suggest that the Brown patriarch has been struggling with a lot of personal things including a battle of wills with everyone in trying to add another wife or two into his rotation. As it turns out, it appears that Kody has taken matters into his own hands by taking on a fifth and sixth wife without everyone knowing, not even his family. This may not be too surprising as it is almost the same scheme that he pulled to add his fourth lover, Robyn, into the mix a couple of years back. If “Sister Wives” survives and lives to see another season on air, there might be a chance that viewers will also be introduced to these mysterious ladies.

Aside from the assumption that Kody has always been craving new things, hence, his four current wives, his decision to take another one is claimed to be rooted in giving TLC another reason to order another serving of the series. It can be remembered that even during the downtime between seasons 6 and 7, there had been rumors of cancellation but the show was ultimately renewed. However, it appears that this time, the fate of the show is in far more precarious grounds.

Should “Sister Wives” finally get off the air, the question of financial stability for the family will come into play. In fact, even right now, there are rumors that the extended clan is already suffering from monetary problems. And if their main cash cow in their series will also be taken away from them, it might push them to a much direr situation.