'Sister Wives' season 7 spoilers: Kristyn Decker believes Brown family used Utah coming after them for ratings; show to get cancelled?


Rumors have it that TLC’s reality show “Sister Wives” may be on the verge of cancellation after one of the cast member’s relatives reportedly revealed that some of the plot lines were scripted.

According to Design and Trend, speculations suggest that the show may end up after Kristyn Decker, aunt of Christine Brown, shared her opinion regarding the storyline of the polygamous family.

In her interview with Radar Online, Decker believed that the family played up a previous scandal for ratings. Viewers may remember that the state of Utah was said to be going after them as they are deemed to have illegal marriages. The family then announced that they are moving to Las Vegas.

“They talked about moving to Vegas [to escape Utah’s anti-polygamy laws] long before they did. That was their plan and they used the State coming after them for ratings. That’s my strong opinion,” she shared.

When Decker decided to leave her own husband and the Apostolic United Brethren polygamist sect of the Latter Day Saints the Brown family belongs to, Christine told the viewers what she thought about her aunt’s departure. Decker, on the other hand, called Christine’s outburst “very offensive” and revealed that she had her own reasons. “My leaving definitely had to do with [my husband’s behavior], but it was all the harms I saw around me. I left polygamy before I left my husband,” she said.

“I really regret being on the show… [After] I was devastated, I cried. Christine tried to make me out to be a mean person who didn’t believe in choice, either traditional or religious. You can’t actually have a choice if you live under polygamy. If you chose not to do it, there is a penalty,” Decker added.

The network has yet to comment on the issue. It is deemed that if they pick up “Sister Wives” for season 7, the narrative may focus on Kody Brown and his new wife Robyn as they recently welcomed baby girl Ariella Mae Brown last January.

As fans wait for any official statement, they may catch the show’s episodes from season 4 up to the latest one on Hulu.