Sister wives news: source claims Robyn Brown knew Meri was having online affair; Maddie Brown talks about religious beliefs


After star of TLC’s hit reality series Meri Brown admitted that she had committed an emotional affair with a woman who impersonated a man online, rumors have it that another wife of Kody Brown in his polygamous marriage had known the situation all along but did nothing about it.

According to an unnamed source of In Touch Weekly, Robyn Brown already knew Meri was being “catfished,” “Robyn absolutely knew from the beginning that Meri was being catfished. Robyn sat back and just watched as the whole scam unraveled.”

The report added that a close friend of the 36-year-old pregnant Robyn claimed they were aware of the online connection even before fans reached out to them about it, “I brought it up to Robyn and we looked and we saw there was definitely a relationship going on.”

What may come as a shock to the viewers is that Robyn is touted as the closest among the other wives to Meri especially as the latter divorced Kody to reportedly make sure that Robyn’s children from past marriage could be adopted legally.

During the fifth season finale, Meri confessed that she was scared of the separation at first but she followed through for the sake of the kids, “I’m not going to lie — it is a little bit scary for me doing this divorce. And having it really be for nothing as far as the possibility of not being able to adopt the kids,” she said.  It was a selfless act that reportedly brought Robyn to tears.

Meanwhile, for the latest episode for season six, Maddie Brown will talk about her religious beliefs and is planning not to live a polygamous lifestyle. It is said that she intends to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, there may be some problems since the group does not recognize her family’s religion as legitimate. It remains to be seen how she and Caleb deal with their ongoing problem.

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