Sister Wives news: Family play guess the gender after welcoming news of Baby #18


The Brown family is ready to welcome the latest addition to their growing family and the family is not keeping their excitement a secret.

As the family announced Robyn’s pregnancy on Sister Wives, viewers have become more interested in the 18<sup>th child in the family, and this only intensified as the family began to discuss the gender of the baby on social media, Enstarz reported.

Meri, Kody’s first wife was the first to post on Twitter the possibility that Robyn could be having twins but later said that she was disappointed that there was only one baby.

“Can I say I’m just a little disappointed that it’s not twins?”

Kody was not giving up the possibility, as he said that some of his children still think they’re having twins.

“Could it be twins? Many of the kids think so. Let’s see…” he wrote.

He also expressed excitement over the gender of the baby but said he already had a strong hunch about it. He however said the final confirmation will still rest with the ultrasound results.

“Let’s bet on the baby’s gender…NOT…50/50…no odds on that bet. Let’s wait for ultrasound to know. But, I got a hunch,” he wrote.

Robyn broke the news of her pregnancy during the October 18 show.

Early in the season, the show focused on Kody and Meri’s decision to divorce so that he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her three children from her previous relationship.

According to Hollywood Life, Robyn was initially apprehensive to deliver the news of her pregnancy to her family after she got a less than a warm reaction when she delivered news about her pregnancy with Solomon before. This time around, everyone was singing a different tune.

On the other hand, Kody is still expected to work out snags in his relationship with his third wife Christine.

“I had always agreed with you but I didn’t have a voice. I didn’t stand up for myself…I need you [Kody] to allow me to speak my mind and love me still. I’m fine if you don’t agree with me, but still love me,” she told Kody.