Sims 4 expansion pack release: Spa Day game pack brings spa time and yoga sessions; available July 14


Players of The Sims 4 is in for a very relaxing DLC pack, as the game is set to get a new expansion pack very soon, entitled The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack. The pack will be available for download starting July 14.

The new DLC pack, as the name suggests, features a new venue in the gamethe Spa. There will also be new objects that the player can interact with, and a new Skill will be introduced. The Wellness Skill will be part of the new pack, and players can improve the Wellness Skill of their Sims by giving massages, doing Yoga, and Meditating. The more they participate in these wellness activities, the more Wellness Skills they accumulate, which will in turn unlock more functions such as new Yoga poses, better massage variety, and special Meditation skills including levitation and teleportation!

THE SIMS NEWS explained how The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack works. Upon download, four new buildings will be added to the game’s My Library pagethree Spas and a new Gym. The Aham Ashram Yoga Studio is where the Sims can receive top tier Yoga lessons; the Center of Center Massage, as its name suggests, has the top masseuses and reflexologists ready to provide their services; Perfect Balance Spa, meanwhile, is the one-stop wellness place, which also offers a sauna and meditation! A new Gym is also available, featuring new items that come with the game pack. Additionally, players can also build their own spa according to their liking.

Don’t feel like going out to the Spas? Players can also build spa attractions at the comfort of their home like the Sauna and the Meditation Stool.

A special WooHoo is available for two Sims left alone in a spa. But be careful, as Sims might die if they spend too much time in the sauna!

The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack requires the core The Sims 4 game and all other previous updates to be playable to players.