Silicon Valley season 3 spoilers: Richard may try to fight for his return; showrunner Mike Judge teases 'ugly battle' ahead


Viewers of HBO’s hit comedy series, “Silicon Valley,” have seen a shocking turn of events during season two finale when Richard Hendricks is voted out as the chief executive officer of the fictitious company he founded, the Pied Piper.

Season three will not be back until spring next year but show creator Mike Judge has revealed that the last few scenes in the finale are setting up the central storyline for the next season.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said that “Yeah, that’s the setup of next season. There’s this thing that just happened at Twitter actually with Dick Costolo stepping down. That sort of thing happens a lot. It was interesting when we first did the thing where Russ Hanneman (Chris Diamantopoulos) has the two board seats. People started going, “Oh, now I see. There’s three board seats out there…” It was interesting to see them try to predict what they thought we were going to do, but I didn’t see anybody predict what we really did so hopefully we weren’t predictable.”

He added that he discussed the third season with executive producer Alec Berg for “45 seconds.” Although at that time, they have not thought how things will unfold after the finale, he said that there are plenty real life events to draw stories from.

In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Judge also mentioned that Raviga Capital has now the rights to vote for a new head of the company but “it is most likely going to turn into some kind of ugly battle.”

He also teased that Richard may either fight his way back in but as he only got one seat, there is always the possibility that he may be voted out again, or as he still owns a big piece of the company, he may decide to do other things so he could get rich.