Shopkins Season 4 news: includes new line called petkins; out this December?


There are rumors that Shopkins Season 4 will hit the stores in United States this month.

Earlier, it was said that Shopkins Season 4 will come only in January or summer 2016, but there are rumors that Moose Toys have confirmed a December 2015 release.

According to Crossmap, Shopkins Season 4 is already available in select stores in the U.S., namely Kohls, Target, and Walmart for those residing in California and Long Island, New York; Walmart for people in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois; and Toys R Us for those in Texas.

Season 4 of Shopkins will be in 10 different categories. According to Christian Post, it is expected to include six pieces of Limited Edition Perfume Collection items, 10 pieces of Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery, Sweet Treats, Accessories, Homewares, Party Time, 12 pieces of Garden, 16 pieces of ultra-rare Petshop items, and 48 pieces Special Edition Petkins items.

Petkins are Shopkins likened to the animal version of grocery items. Moose Toys is expected to release items that will complement the Petkins such as a pet bed.

The toy has crazed a lot of fans kids and adults alike, with one rare item even sold at eBay for $21,500. The Gemma Stone, referring to a crystal-make toy, was initially intended to be used for YouTube videos. However, because of the demand, Moose Toys fashioned a crystal figurine that can be bought and the proceeds will be donated to a charity named Toy Industry Foundation. The Gemma Stone has gathered 118 bidders, but the highest bidder came from Florida, said Toys News.

Shopkins are small plastic items with faces and names and take the form of grocery or department store goods, intended for children around four to 10 years old. It originated in Australia, where Shopkins Season 4 is reportedly already out.