Sherlock season 4 spoilers: Steven Moffat says he tried to write Irene Adler sequel but it didn't work out


The Sherlock Victorian Christmas special for 2015 made waves on social media recently. It’s one of the few updates legitimately given by the show runners and cast about Sherlock season 4. People are psyched and questions about the show have started pouring in. The common running theme in fans’ minds at the San Diego Comic Con and beyond is whether Irene Adler is coming back for Sherlock in the new season. The quick answer is that it’s highly unlikely, basing on series creator Steven Moffatt’s answer during the panel.

It remains to be said, however, that on top of most fan wish lists is to have a Sherlock and Irene Adler spinoff or an Irene Adler spinoff show with a lot of Sherlock crossovers. This just goes to show that her presence in the show was short but very memorable. She even had an endearing password that is already the most romantic clincher for Sherlock’s character apart from how he rescued her from execution. Adler last appeared in Pakistan, during season 2, where she was about to be killed before Sherlock saved her. There were some light cameos in season 3 when Sherlock was having dreams or hallucinations but nothing else. To be fair, Moffatt admitted that he tried to write a sequel of the Adler and Sherlock dynamic after the Pakistan rescue but it ended with some meaningless domestic squabble that did not make for a good story arc. “To be honest, I think they never saw each other again, to tell the truth. But they both smile, once a day, whenever they think of each other,” he says.

The 2015 Christmas special involves a very disturbing return of Moriarty from the dead in the original Victorian setting that the novel writer Arthur Conan Doyle set the Sherlock Holmes stories.