'Sherlock' season 4: series creator Steven Moffat condemns online troll who threatened the life of series actors


Sherlock series creator Steven Moffat gave his side on the threats that series actress Amanda Abbington got from an angered fan.

Speaking to The Sun, the series creator condemned the grave threats that the online user is giving the couple.

“It’s got to be sorted out – people can’t just go around making these threats,” Moffat said. “I think the internet, and things like Twitter and Facebook, should be policed a hell of a lot better.”

Moffat was strong in voicing out that these people who make unnecessary threats against others should be dealt with accordingly under the law. “People making these threats should face the consequences very fast and very severely.

“Then it will stop,” he added.

The series of threats came from a certain online user who thought that real-life partners Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, who plays John Watson and his wife Mary, are giving the series’ titular actor Benedict Cumberbatch “a bad name”.

The disgruntled user started threatening Abbington through posting on his blog a photo of a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire with the caption: “Shall we start prepping for a possible funeral?”

The alleged disgruntled fan, who seems to have a strong obsession towards Cumberbatch and his character in the series, did not stop with that threat as the user made another post which made it seem like he was serious.

In another post, the user said: “Both Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are starting to give Benedict and all his fans a bad name! They seriously just need to shut up and f***ing die already!”

The alleged blog was shortly taken down.

However, Abbington fought back and rebuked the cyber bully via a Twitter post, in which she said: “To the coward who’s since shut this blog down. We’ve already informed the police sweetie. They have all the info.”