'Sherlock' Christmas special 2015: showrunner Steven Moffat says show can continue as long as Cumberbatch and Freeman want to keep playing their roles


With only three episodes (of more than two hours long for each one) per season, and a hiatus of more than two years per new season, fans of BBC’s Sherlock  are used to waiting. But as per showrunner Steven Moffat, fans could actually be seeing Holmes and Watson probably longer than they will expect.

In a report by The Washington Post, Sherlock writer/producer Steven Moffat opened up about his willingness to go on with the show for a long time, and that it’s up to Holmes and Watson should they wish to retire for the show.

“I don’t think it will be us that switch it off,” he said. “I imagine it’ll be down to Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman]. Obviously we can’t do the show without them, and they’ve always said they’re happy to carry on so long as it’s good.”

Should the two actors wish to do more of Sherlock, Moffat liked the idea of their characters ageing through time, just like in real life.

“I’d like to see them age, not because I’m a sadist. Just because it would be interesting to see them become the more traditional age of those characters, which is in their fifties. They’re much younger than the normal version.”

Moffat also talked about the upcoming Special Episode, which takes Sherlock and Watson back to Victorian England.

“We’ve never said it’s a Christmas special,” said Moffat’s wife and series co-producer Sue Vertue.

“It’s probably Christmas-ish,” Moffat added. “We don’t actually know. We’re not making this up.”

While everyone in the show’s team enjoyed doing a Victorian London Sherlock Holmes, Moffta shared that Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to have enjoyed it the most, expressing his desire to do more of such themes.

The reason they decided to jump back in time in one episode was because something was off. “We checked the books and discovered we got it wrong,” joked Moffat. “We should have read them first. No, just because we can, really.”

Sherlock airs its fourth season in 2017.