'Shenmue 3' PS4, PC release date update: Screenshots, video teases new game


Yu Suzuki has released several screenshots and a new video to tease developer YS Net’s upcoming game “Shenmue III,” the long-awaited installment in the series. The new images and footage showcases how far along the development work is for the game.

Suzuki and his team were in attendance during the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) which was held by Shibuya Productions on Feb. 27. During the event, Suzuki showed a new trailer (below) for “Shenmue III” which featured how the game’s open-world environment looks like so far.

The game director also released a number of screenshots (above and more below) teasing the same. The five new images are still works in progress but should give the gaming community, especially the game’s backers or supporters, a good idea of how “Shenmue III’s” environment will look like. Slash Gear praises how the screenshots feature so many details while noting that Suzuki and his team started working on the project only after its Kickstarter campaign ended in July 2015.

The game director had also announced that as a reward,  he would have dinner with the two $10,000 backers and their friends in Eze in Monaco towards the end of February. During the special dinner, the backers and their friends would be able to participate in some “Shenmue III” project planning. In addition to the special dinner with Suzuki, the backers also get to receive a replica of Ryo’s jacket.

“Shenmue III” was announced during E3 2015 in a Sony PlayStation event. Suzuki then conducted a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter with an initial goal of $2 million. The campaign exceeded its goal and ended with $6.3 million pledged by more than 69,000 backers, making it Kickstarter’s most funded video game.

“Shenmue III’s” release date is pegged some time toward the end of 2017. The game will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and PC.