'Sense8' season 2 premiere spoilers: 'Sun is thirsting to get her revenge'


“Sense8” is gearing up for their sophomore outing which aims for a better understanding of the “sensates,” which includes Bae Doona’s Sun. The actress has personally shared some details with regard to where her personal narrative in the show is going and it appears that bigger things are coming for the Korean heiress.

The actress, who is now slowly rising to international fame, has come back to her native land to do a domestic project in the movie “Tunnel” with Ha Jung Woo. And as she got a day or two off from the production of the Netflix series, she went on and did the press rounds for her new flick.

“Season one was a bit like an introduction. There was a lot of explanation needed about my character, and there wasn’t a lot of story development,” Bae explained of “Sense8” while talking to local media outlet Soompi. “In season two, there will be more of a detailed story. Sun is thirsting to get her revenge.

During the debut iteration of the science fiction drama, Sun had gotten herself into a lot of mishaps. Despite being the daughter of one of the most powerful businessmen in the country, she continued to find her own footing by joining an underground kickboxing league.

In a separate sit-down with Buzzfeed, Bae further explained details of Sun’s forthcoming fate. “She was growing up, mentally, in season 1 she was physically very, very talented, but also her heart is quite soft. This season, she’s getting stronger… as a weapon and she’s finding a way for revenge. In season 1, she was quite confused and she was growing up. But by the end of the season, she realized something, and in season 2 she just drives fast for something,” the “Cloud Atlas” star shared.

Bae’s comments coincide co-creator Michael J. Straczynski’s sentiments about what season 2 of the show will be about. The writer hinted that while the introduction of the concept as well as the characters are mostly done, there will be a deeper look into why the mythology of the sensates is happening.

“Sense8” season 2 has yet to book an air date but fans can expect it to be available on Netflix sometime next year.