'Sense8' season 2 spoilers: Production continues in Nairobi; first episode to premiere on Christmas


The production for the second season of the Netflix original series, “Sense8,” is still under way despite cancellation rumors.

The cast and crew of the hit sci-fi series have recently been spotted in Nairobi, Kenya, which is just one of the 15 shooting locations being used in the show’s sophomore offering. Other prominently featured places include America, England, Germany, India, Korea, and Mexico.

“Sense8” tells the story of eight different people, all strangers to each other and living in separate parts of the world, who suddenly developed a psychic link to each other after simultaneously seeing a vision of a woman’s violent death. The series title is a play on the word “sensate,” which refers to an otherwise ordinary human who shares mental and emotional bonds with a cluster of other sensates.

The series was conceptualized and written by the combined creative forces of The Wachowskis (“The Matrix”) and J. Michael Straczynski (“Babylon 5”). All 12 episodes of season 1 were streamed on Netflix on June 5, 2015, and the series was shortly renewed for a second season on Aug. 8 of the same year.

Since then, the series has been involved in one controversy after the other, one of which was recasting one of its main characters over creative differences between actor Aml Ameen, who played Matatu bus driver Capheus “Van Damme” Onyango, and series creator Lana Wachowski. He has since been replaced Toby Onwumere.

Lilly Wachowski also had to leave to focus on her well-being after coming out as a transgender woman back in March. This in turn left the bulk of the creative work on Lana’s shoulders. Lilly has, however, already expressed interest in writing for the show again should it be renewed for a third season.

Aussie Network News also reported a rumor concerning new casting addition Sikandar Kher, who is set to play the new villain on the show but whose unreasonable demands are causing much trouble to the production work.

On a brighter note, the sensates have recently celebrated the show’s fictional birthday, owing to the fact that the cluster of eight were all born on Aug. 8. The cast members tweeted a special video greeting for their fans.

“Sense8” season 2 is expected to hit Netflix with its holiday-inspired first episode on Christmas, while the rest of the episodes are slated for a January 2017 release.