'Sense8' season 2 spoilers: more answers will be coming


“Sense8” offers a different kind of story one that is unlike the usual police procedurals, supernatural and thriller dramas that are crowding the airwaves today. What it does is it marries genres and develops a nail-biting, albeit, confusing storyline. Series co-creator Michael J. Straczynski, however, explained that as the show progresses, the narrative will be much more defined beginning with the upcoming season 2.

“The audience only knows what the eight characters know, and you the audience find out as they find it out,” Straczynski told Gold Derby during his chat with the media outlet. “And so the mystery for a long time is what the hell is going on and why is this happening?”

The Netflix show revolves around eight very diverse characters who all happen to be connected mentally and emotionally. In the first season, they also discovered that as “sensates,” they can communicate with each other and tap into each and everyone’s minds, which can be used for their individual or group needs. While trying to discover more of their own capabilities, they also needed to be cautious as there was another sensate called “Whispers” who was trying to hunt them down by infiltrating their thoughts.

While the first season has opened up a lot of possibilities with regard to where the show’s narrative will go, its follow-up will delve deeper into understanding where this ability originated from. On top of that, season 2 also aims to give a clearer understanding of the pros and cons of being the bearer of such ability.

“Now we begin to find out the mythology behind what it is to be a sensate. Are there others? Where do we come from? Why are they perceived to be a threat? So really the second season is about providing a lot of answers to the questions that viewers had after seeing the first season,” Straczynski explained.

The scope of the series will also get bigger with production going all over the world and places like San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico City, London, Iceland, Berlin, Mumbai, Nairobi and Seoul serving as the show’s backdrop. These broad location shoots capitalize on “Sense8’s” underlying message of unity beyond borders.

“Sense8” season 2 has yet to book an air date but fans can expect it to be available on Netflix sometime next year.