'Sense8' season 2 news: Rumors suggest release date may be delayed to 2017 as filming will start March next year


Fans of Netflix’s breakout hit series “Sense8” may have to wait a little longer as rumors have it that the second installment may have a delayed release.

Originally predicted to return to the small screen sometime in June next year, speculations suggest that the fantasy-thriller show may air on a later date in 2017.

Although the streaming giant service has yet to comment on the news, Yibada reported that the cast and crew may only start filming in March 2016, which may make the original schedule seem impossible to come into fruition as there will only be three months after production.

What added to the assumption is cinematographer John Toll’s statement to Film Stage in which he shared that they are still working out the details of “Sense8’s” renewal. As there are a lot of considerations to be made with several locations across the globe may be included in the narrative, the creation of the series also involves a complicated post-production process.

“I think you just sort of have to take that into consideration, and you just don’t have the option especially if you’re shooting in multiple locations all over the world to sit in a screening room… So we were kind of evaluating the images as we were shooting them, and looking at displays that were pretty much representative of what people would be seeing,” he added.

When it comes to the plot, there are hearsays that the storyline will have a love triangle between Rajan, Kala, and Wolfgang.

The first two were set to get married in an elaborate Indian wedding, but when Kala’s sensate ability kicked off, she met the German mobster and seemingly began falling for him despite the latter’s attempt to push her away.

If they decided to have a relationship, Rajan could likely become the show’s next villain. However, it still remains to be seen if this will come to fruition.