'Sense8' season 2 production in full swing for a purported 2017 release


Science fiction web drama series “Sense8” is currently in production for the show’s second season that is rumored to be released next year.

The Netflix show’s cast and crew were recently spotted in Berlin shooting some scenes. News Every Day picked up a tip from a German media outlet, Morgen Post, which was able to get a hold of some snaps where the crew is shooting some scenes in the middle of heavy snow in Hohenzollerndamm in Berlin.

During the filming process in Germany, The Korea Herald, on the other hand, was able to catch up with South Korean actress Bae Doo Na and talk about what fans can expect on the second run on the sci-fi show.

“The directors are very cautious about spoilers,” cautioned Bae who plays Sun Bak, daughter of a powerful Seoul businessman and a rising star in the underground kick boxing scene. However, she revealed that with the ordeal that her character has to go through in the first season due to the decisions that she had to make, Sun will only emerge as a much stronger person.

Despite being a star in South Korea, Bae revealed that she is still surprised to find out how great “Sense8” is doing globally especially given the unusual core theme that it is tackling.

“I heard season one ranked as the most popular show in every region from North and South Americas to Europe. I was thrilled to learn that.”

With a globally scaled production in the first season, “Sense8” will be amplifying their scope as they will go more countries this time. They will be trying to double the locations for their sophomore season and as of now, 16 cities across the world have already been confirmed as the back drop of season 2.

“I was surprised to find out I would be actually shooting scenes in cities where the characters live. I was constantly travelling from Iceland to Nairobi, then to Seoul, to Berlin and to Mexico City when filming the season one,” the 36-year-old actress further shared.

Elseswhere in the series, fans may also be looking at a potential love triangle between Kala (Tina Desai), Rajan (Purab Kohli), and Wolfgang (Max Riemelt). In an interview with International Business Times India, Desai said, “I can just say things have gotten even more intense and action-packed, and the relationship between Kala and Wolfie is more stressful and electric than ever,” referring to the palpable chemistry that Kala and Wolfgang had in the first season, which became more apparent as the season went on.