'Sense8' season 2 release date summer or fall of 2016; production underway


Netflix has been keeping the details of the highly anticipated second season of “Sense8” under wraps, but some of the cast members shared on their respective social media accounts that production is currently underway.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, who portrays Lito Rodriguez, posted some behind-the-scenes photos of the filming in their location in India. He dubbed one place as “Kala’s City,” and also teased that the cast boarded the local boat on their way to Elephant Island to visit Elephanta Caves.

Donna Bae, who plays the martial arts expert Sun, also thanked the people of Mumbai for their warm reception as they gave her an image of herself in the form of one of their gods, “Thanks India for warm welcoming with the brilliant crew badge. In love with my new eyebrows and sexy fingers.”

Meanwhile, Brian J. Smith, who plays the role of policeman Will Gorski, shared that he has been turned into one of the yogi masters, “Kudos to the #genius who made the Mumbai cast/crew badges,” he stated.

The show, which is known for its globe-trotting locations in the freshman run, is also shooting in different sites around the world. Recently, the actors revealed that they are now in Europe presumably filming scenes around Paris, France and Positano and Amalfi Coast in Italy. The production is deemed to have started as early as the New Year’s Eve in Germany as few photographs reportedly depicted to have the German celebration in the background.

When it comes to the possible schedule of the release of season 2, viewers may have to wait a little longer for new installments. Writer Bryce Olin previously answered in a correspondence with a fan on Reddit, “I really hope Netflix can release Sense8 Season 2 in June, but simple math suggests we really shouldn’t ‘expect’ to see Season 2 until much later in the summer or fall of 2016.”

Since Netflix has yet to comment on the matter, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.