'Sense8' season 2 news, plot rumors: new villain to bring added trouble, harm to sensates


The second season of Netflix’s “Sense8” is just around the corner and the science fiction drama promises a lot more action in the next installment as a new villain is expected to bring hell to the eight “sensates,” while there’s a chance of a revelation of older sensates who may have existed long before the current ones.

According to rumors, the new season will be a showcase of how the eight lead characters can utilize the unique powers they have other than the ability to mentally communicate with each other. There could be scenes where they will be traveling through time with the aid of old sensates, this is according to the cast in a sit-down interview with the Chicago Sun Times.

Meanwhile, when Gulf News reported about the entry of Indian actor Sikandar Kher in season 2, rumors began spreading about him playing a villainous role. Although Kher himself admitted that his role in “Sense8” season 2 is a minor one, he said that it actually is quite important. Will it be quite important, say, like a new villain who will be working with “Whispers” (Terrence Mann), the main villain of season 1?

The American sci-fi web television series’ first season was introduced in June of last year. And although it didn’t have the luxury of advertising and promotional hype, it surprisingly became a hit among Netflix viewers, while critics gave it generally favorable reviews. The series is about eight total strangers who at the very same moment experienced a vision of the death of a woman. That vision eventually led them to figure out that they now belong to a special group of people called sensates. In the initial offering, the group had to protect themselves against “Whispers,” who was on a mission to eliminate them.

With new discoveries and revelations about their abilities, the new season of “Sense8” is definitely going to offer more to its viewers, while the talk of a new villain could turn things for the worse for the sensates.

Season 2 is scheduled to premiere in January on Netflix.