'Sense8' season 2 news: Actors have script up to episode 3, rumored for March 2016 production and 2017 release


Fans were delighted when “Sense8” was renewed for another season, and it is expected to come in June 2016. However, there are reports that the sophomore show will be pushed back to a 2017 release date, as the production will start only in March 2016.

In an interview with John Toll, the man credited for the main cinematography of the show, regarding the backend side of the television series, he told The Film Stage that season 2 of the show is “starting to fall into place” in terms of its scheduling and “everything.” He said that they are looking at starting the shoot in March. Since the first season of “Sense8” was taken in eight different locations, the sequel will most likely follow the same pattern. With this, the earlier speculated summer release next year may be too soon.

Nonetheless, some fans are still hoping for the sequel to be released next year, especially after hearing from some of the casts, Jamie Clayton, Aml Ameen, and Alfonso Herrera, that they are already preparing for season 2 in the recently held Comic Con Experience in Brazil.

Ameen even revealed that she already received the script for episode 1, while Brian Smith, another cast, retweeted Clayton’s Twitter post, already pertaining to the third episode of season 2. She said, “I just read @sense8 ep 3, Season 2. HOLY MOLY. Y’all aren’t even ready!! I’m so grateful to be a part of this kickassery! @netflix #Sense8.”

As for its storyline, the guest casts did not reveal spoilers and plots regarding the storyline of the upcoming season. However, earlier rumors reveal that it will focus on the love triangle of Kala (Tina Desai), Rajan (Purab Kohli), and Wolfgang (Max Reimelt), after Kala, who was already pledged to marry Rajan, finds herself in love with Wolfgang. In turn, Rajan will be raged with her beau’s change of heart and may transform as season 2’s villain.

A release in 2016 may still be likely as Toll did not specify “Sense8” when he mentioned the date in his interview. He was also talking about his experience as a cinematographer in general. Fans should take this, especially the rumors, with grain of salt until official word is released for “Sense8” season 2.