'Sense8' season 2 spoilers, cast: Indian actor rumored to be new villain


The hit sci-fi Netflix original series “Sense8,” with its new and upcoming second season coming sooner than later, may be getting a new villain in the form of Indian actor Sikander Kher.

In a new report, rumor has it that Kher would be playing the role of a villain for the upcoming new season of “Sense8.” Kher is most known as the star in the second season of the Indian TV adaptation of the hit American series “24.” In a statement, the Indian actor mentioned that he was approached by the people behind the Netflix original series for a possible role in the show’s second season.

While the actor did not go into specifics as to what role had been offered to him or at least, if he did accept what was offered to him he did hint that the character that he might be playing might just be significant enough to the further development of the story of the eight sensates.

“It’s a small but an important role, and it takes the story ahead,” said Kher.

This led fans to a series of speculations, including that he may be a new villain for the sensates, not discarding the still undefeated bigger threat of “Whispers” operating within the evil organization called BP who, as of the final episode of the first season, remains to be the major overall villain of the show.

As for more of what may be coming for the new season, it was teased by actress Jamie Clayton who plays the role of Nomi Marks that “it’s fast, it’s mad, it’s amazing, it’s sexy, it’s raw.” It was also teased that while the sensates would continue to live in separate cities around the world, they would be learning a new way of communicating with each other in the new season.

“Sense8” season 2 is expected to premiere in 2017, with a special debut episode to be streamed later this year.