'Sense8' season 2 air date, spoilers: script involving Will's backstory leaked


It is safe to bet that the second season of the science fiction drama web television series, “Sense8” is coming since rumors from different news publications say that production is now underway. But there were also speculations several weeks back that there may no longer be a season 2 because Netflix suddenly announced a Christmas special.

Well, there’s another verifiable proof that a new season is indeed coming, in the form of a supposedly leaked script of the current production. The script, according to one report, reveals the backstory of one of the lead characters, Will (Brian J. Smith).

The leak actually came from a Reddit post, where a user who goes by the handle “gukeums1” said that it was found trashed on the ground where some of the scenes were shot in Chicago. While the reason seems very silly, the content of the script, according to other Reddit users, looks legitimate and contains the backstory of Will, as mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, several cast members revealed that filming of the second season is done, suggesting that Netflix may finally hand out an official release date sooner than later. With consistent social media posts from the cast, fans of the sci-fi drama can now be a bit more confident that a new season is set to air and stop spreading rumors of the show’s cancellation.

Probably the only sad news to come out of “Sense8” season 2 is the prospect of one main character’s exit. According to rumors, Doona Bae, who plays the character of Sun Bak, will not return after the second offering of the show, as she is being offered several projects in her home country of South Korea, though there has been no announcement or confirmation from Netflix or anyone from the production crew.

Season 2 of “Sense8” is most likely to debut in early 2017 after the Christmas special.