Selena Gomez news: Singer got goosebumps from Justin Bieber talking about their past relationship, insider says


Their relationship may have been rocky before they broke up, but that doesn’t stop Selena Gomez from feeling goosebumps when Justin Bieber recalled their past relationship.

Gomez and Bieber had a four-year on-off relationship that finally ended in 2014. 

Bieber, who earned notoriety because of his past brushes with the law, said that during their relationship, he and Selena were “so in love.”

“Nothing else mattered. We were all about each other,” Bieber revealed in the interview.

The pop star also said that both he and Selena had heavily invested in one another when they were living together. That, he said, led to the intense fights that they had during their relationship.

“[W]e would fight so hard, because we were so invested in each other,” Bieber admitted to Complex.

The interview seems to have resonated positively with Bieber’s former girlfriend of three years.

According to the Hollywood Life, an insider claimed that the 23-year-old pop singer reacted positively to Bieber’s statements in the interview.

“Selena loves hearing Justin gush about her in interviews. She likes to know he’s still thinking about her,” the source told The Hollywood Life.

The unnamed source added that Selena gets goosebumps whenever Bieber says “sweet things” about her and their past relationship.

However, despite the positive reception to Bieber’s statements about their relationship, Selena has no plans of rekindling the flame and getting back with her ex-boyfriend.

“Their relationship is over and she has no plans to get back with him,” the source said.

The source said that, instead, Selena and Justin retain a strong emotional connection, but they remain only on the friendship level. Selena, the source added, is in a “strong and healthy place” from which she can allow thoughts of Justin to invade her mind but not overwhelm her like they used to in the past.