'Secret and Lies' season 2 spoilers: brand-new mystery – show to air in fall


The first look at the revamped second season of ABC’s “Secret and Lies” is here, featuring a series of investigations on a brand-new mystery that involves a gruesome murder.

According to Digital Spy, following the departure of Ryan Phillippe from the freshman run’s case, Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) will be the number one suspect in the new alleged crime. He will find himself in the middle of a police probe when his wife Kate Warner (Jordan Brewster) suddenly turns up dead.

The clip opens with a report from a medical staff stating, “Kate Warner, 36 years old, female, died from a 12-story fall. Based from the pert-mortem bruises in the brachia, this is a homicide.” Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is then put on the case as she is declared to be the best one in the unit.

“I know this is difficult, but I’m gonna need you to answer some questions,” she tells the people in the building where the crime scene happened. When she gets asked if it was an accident, “It’s unlikely,” she admits. A friend then tells Eric, “When the wife is murdered, nine times out of 10, the husband did it. That cop is not on your side, you are the prime suspect.”

Eric confronts Andrea and tells her, “No matter how much you dig, you will not find anything to prove that I killed my wife.” When the search begins, it turns out that Kate was actually hiding something from her husband as she withdrew a 100 thousand dollars without telling him. Seemingly surprised by the information, Eric decides to have his own look at the matter.

Actor Terry O’Quinn who portrays Eric’s father also assures him of his support, “I am your father. I protect you.” A montage then follows featuring someone being taken as a hostage while the task force attempts to rescue the person.

The footage ends with Eric telling Andrea, “Clearly you don’t believe a word that I say,” to which the latter quips with, “Are you now refusing to cooperate with the investigation.” Eric warns her in return stating, “If you want to arrest me, come and get me.”

The network has yet to reveal the specific date of the release, but it is expected to air sometime in fall.