‘Sea of Thieves’ closed beta news: Technical issues found

Sea of Thieves
"Sea of Thieves" promotional photo.(Facebook/SeaOfThievesGame)

The much-awaited open sea role-playing game (RPG) “Sea of Thieves” has launched its closed beta program for select players. However, participants of the early access program have already begun experiencing problems with the new game.

Many players encountered a “too early” error prompt when they tried launching the closed beta version of the game. This prevented many eager players to get into the game and test out being a virtual pirate roaming the open world environment of the title.

The game’s developer, Rare, has acknowledged the complaints about the technical issues. “We’re aware some players are getting a ‘too early’ error when attempting to launch the ‘Sea of Thieves’ Closed Beta,” the company wrote on Twitter. “We’re currently all hands on deck investigating and will provide updates ASAP.”

Rare has since released an update that provides a fix for the problem. Furthermore, the company is extending the duration of the “Sea of Thieves” closed beta by two days to compensate for the time that players were not able to access the game.

The closed beta was originally scheduled to run until Jan. 29. Instead of a full version of the game, Rare has said that the closed beta will provide early access players to have a tailored experience that will offer a true taste of pirate life.

Players who participated in the “Sea of Thieves” Insider Program last year are eligible to join the early access program. Similarly, those who have pre-ordered the title will get a download for the closed beta version of the game. Players who pre-ordered the game from a retail store will need to claim a redeem code which will allow them to download the early version of the game.

“Sea of Thieves” is set to officially launch on March 20. The Microsoft-exclusive game will be available on Xbox One and PC and will support cross-play between the two gaming platforms.