'Scream Queens' news: Show renewed for season 2? Harry Styles to be part of show? Ryan Murphy teases inclusion of male pop star in his planned roster


The season 1 finale of Ryan Murphy’s “Scream Queens” is yet to air this December, but the show’s creator is already planning the second season even before Fox confirms the renewal.

Rumors are rife that Murphy is eyeing pop star Harry Styles from One Direction to join the cast for season 2. Styles will follow the footsteps of other singers who joined Murphy’s shows like Arianna Grande, Lea Michele, and Nick Jonas. The speculations came amid reports that the British pop star is thinking of pursuing a Hollywood career during the band’s extended hiatus next year as reported by Australia Network.

In a Q&A at Fan Fright Fest in New York City, Murphy gave some vague clues on the possible addition to his cast. “Singer. Big pop star. I can’t give it away, they’d kill me. A male,” he said.

Murphy said he is thinking of retaining three or four members from the original cast to join 10 new characters, who will be plagued with the horror in a whole new setting.

“Four or five [survivors], yeah. We keep bumping it up a little bit because we love so many of the actors and don’t want them out of our lives. Every year, we’re going to keep probably five characters and then put the characters you know in a whole new setting. So this year will be a goodbye to the sorority world and go off to another venue,” he said in a Zap2it interview.

Still, fans are wondering  where this new setting could be? 

Actor Oliver Hudson may have clued in excited fans on where the horror of the second season may take place.

“I have an idea. It’s scary, I’m scared to reveal anything. We don’t even know if it’s gonna be picked up, but whatever think summer camp,” he said in an interview with Andy Cohen during the “Watch What Happens Live” show.