'Scorpion' season 3 air date, premiere spoilers: Synopsis for two-hour event reveals an upcoming civil war


The stakes are higher in the two-hour season 3 premiere of CBS’ “Scorpion.”

According to Cartermatt, the season-opener titled “Civil War” will have the team of geniuses dealing with anonymous hackers who want to control the United States’ military aircraft and warships for unknown reasons.

It will be then followed by episode 2 aptly dubbed as “More Civil War” as the narrative continues with the group chasing some leads. However, their mission is expected to become more difficult as they find out that the hackers not only gained power over U.S. naval destroyers, but they also have a U.S. nuclear submarine under their command. To make matters worse, they will be racing against time as a missile is about to launch.

Aside from dealing with the culprits, the storylines will pick up where the sophomore run left off with Walter (Elyes Gabel) admitting his true feelings for Paige (Katharine McPhee) as he follows her to Lake Tahoe. Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) will also have to set their romantic issues aside.

The trailer reveals the former on the verge of confessing, “Paige, I wanted to tell you something. I know it’s a big deal so it’s time that I finally say it…” he begins. Unfortunately, the latter cuts him off as she sees a missile at a distance. As they attempt to leave the vicinity, the two awkwardly fall on each other.

Executive producer Nicholas Wootton previously shared that Walter’s plan will quickly be in disarray, “It goes beyond what his worst expectations could’ve been,” he hinted.

He added that in addition to the so-called civil war in the military, a similar scenario will also be playing out within the team, “Internally, because of Walter going up to Lake Tahoe and possibly getting caught doing it, there is a civil war amongst the team as well. It plays on both levels.”

Season 3 of “Scorpion” is slated to premiere on Monday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. ET.