'Schitt's Creek' latest news: Pop network announces show's season 4 renewal


More rib-tickling episodes are coming up as Eugene Levy-led sitcom is off for another season. Pop network has announced that “Schitt’s Creek” is renewed for a fourth installment.

“Schitt’s Creek has become a brand-defining television series for Pop a culturally relevant, clever, full of heart comedy that is perfect for these crazy times,” Brad Schwartz, Pop president, said in a statement (via Entertainment Weekly). “Season after season, we are seeing significant audience growth, heightened buzz, critical acclaim and award-season chatter. We expect even more in season 4,” he added.

“Schitt’s Creek” premiered on CBC Television, a Canadian TV company, in January 2015, and it was created by Eugene Levy and his son, Daniel Levy. Pop (formerly the TV Guide Network) airs the show in the United States.

The comedy series features the Rose family. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara play a married couple, Johnny and Moira, respectively. After losing all their money, the couple moved to a remote small town called Schitt’s Creek along with their children, David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy). As a formerly wealthy family, the Roses are struggling to adjust their lives to fit in the countryside lifestyle. Somehow, they are doing it in a hilarious way.

Recently, Levy and O’Hara guested on “Entertainment Weekly: The Show” to talk about the behind-the-scenes of the comedy series.

“There are times in a scene where we’re feeling on top of it and we might kind of just improvise a moment,” Levy explained, saying that the show is about 95 percent scripted.

Agreeing to her costar, O’Hara asserted that they often use the improvised version despite having a script. “Sometimes on the set you’re just inspired because you didn’t know that person was going to do that that way,” O’Hara stated.

The “Home Alone” actress added that in the show, everyone in the cast is welcome to make suggestions to improve a scene or the episode’s storyline itself.

Meanwhile, the next episode of “Schitt’s Creek” season 3 will air on March 14 on Pop.