'Scandal' season 6 spoilers, plot news: Storyline not related to Trump's election, according to show creator

A promotional image for "Scandal" (Facebook/ScandalABC)

Shonda Rhimes’ political drama TV series “Scandal” is returning for its sixth season, and it looks like they are not going to waste any time in announcing the winner of the presidential election between Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) because reports say viewers will know the result in the first 10 minutes of the premiere episode.

“We shot the episodes way before the real election… but it will be hard to believe that we didn’t know about our election,” Kerry Washington stated during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Washington, the actress portraying Olivia Pope, also revealed that viewers would know the result in the first 10 minutes of the episode.

A sneak peek of the season premiere shows that whoever wins in San Benito County, California will win the presidential election. According to the synopsis of the sixth season, the result is going to be quite shocking and it is supposed to have “an explosive outcome.”

During the Television Critics Association (TCA) conference, the TV show creator, Rhimes, denied that the upcoming season is Trump-related.

“These candidates don’t equate, so I don’t think you can correlate the two. If that had been the goal I would have waited until after the election,” Rhimes stated.

“It’s very different than any season we’ve had. We can’t judge it against what we’ve one before, or in terms of what’s going on now,” she added. She also hinted that there will be a number of flashbacks and flash forwards.

However, the TV series is not just about politics. There’s also the romantic drama between Mellie and Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.). Jake (Scott Foley) is married again, and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) seems uninterested in the matters of the heart. But, is that final?

“Scandal” season 6 returns on Jan. 26, Thursday, on ABC. The upcoming season will consist of 12 episodes.