'Scandal' season 5 spoilers: will Fitz be told of abortion? Lots of 'Quinn-ing' when show returns


When “Scandal” returns to air the remaining episodes of season 5, there will be a lot of changes in the White House as well as the characters as the show jumps forward six months into the future.

In an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in the series, has already hinted that following his break up with Olivia and Mellie, Fitz will be very lonely and will use his time to focus on his work to mark his legacy for his remaining term of office.

Adding to the challenges that he will be facing is his weird relationship with Cyrus, who he continues to work with but no longer trusts.

Some conflicts are also set to be put in motion as Olivia has yet to reveal that she underwent abortion. Whether or not she will tell Fitz is one of the questions expected to be tackled in the bottom half of the season, but this will definitely have a major impact on the President and devastate him.

Actress Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn Perkins in the series, revealed that at the end of the day, it will be Olivia who will decide who will know about the abortion, TVline reported.

“It’s up to Olivia who knows and doesn’t know,” she said.

She also teased that there will be a lot of issues that will be tackled by season 5B, and the characters will have evolved a lot in the six-month time jump.

“Time has kind of done its thing to everybody. The back half of the season has so much stuff going on that mimics real life, it’s crazy,” she said.

She added that among the real life issues discussed on the show aside from abortion is rape in the military, but she assured that there will be a lot of “Quinn-ing” and winning in the show’s return.

“Scandal” will return to ABC on Feb. 11.