'Scandal' season 5 spoilers: Liv comes out as a different woman after the show time jumps six months


Fans of “Scandal” will be going on a six-month jump in terms of timeline of the show. This only means that it might take a while before viewers can find out what exactly happened after Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) broke up.

In true Shonda Rhimes fashion, “Scandal” opened up the season looking on a bright future for Liv’s and Fitz’ affair, only to have the two face seemingly endless hurdles along their way. Fitz finally got the divorce he was long been waiting for and the couple went public despite numerous protests and an impending impeachment. While Liv takes on the First Lady role, she gets more and more uneasy with her position causing her to single handedly decide on an abortion.

“Everybody has evolved into the next phase of their lives,” Goldwyn told Entertainment Weekly. “Fitz is unfortunately alone without Mellie [Bellamy Young], without Olivia, and sort of without Cyrus [Jeff Perry] in the sense that the trust between Cyrus and Fitz is broken.”

For her part, Washington also shared her sentiments on what her character will be when the hit series returns. “She’s definitely changed,” she said last week during the Television Critics Association’s press tour, where she was promoting her new HBO film “Confirmation.” “What happened at the end of the winter finale is a huge decision for her, and she’s a different woman because of it.”

Furthermore, she also coyly answered “maybe” when asked if OPA will take Mellie (Bellamy Young) as a client as the new trailer suggested.

Katie Lowes, who plays one of Olivia’s Gladiators, Quinn, seconds Washington’s thoughts by saying, “Shonda Rhimes has done such a great job over the five seasons to really peel away at people’s characters and show you different sides of them. Yet again, when we come back, there’s a whole new evolution to Olivia.”

“Scandal” season 5 will continue with “It’s Hard Out Here for a General” slated to air on Feb. 11 on ABC.