'Scandal' season 5 spoilers: Bellamy Young shares Mellie may be having second thoughts; Ricardo Chavira joins the cast


When ABC’s critically acclaimed series “Scandal” returns for the second half of the fifth season, viewers will see some changes happening around Washington, D.C.

Picking up with a time jump of six months after Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) broke up with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), had her abortion, and exited the White House, the series will continue with the characters somehow changed because of what they have experienced. Senator Melody “Mellie” Grant (Bellamy Young) may also be having second thoughts about her political aspirations.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly during the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards party, Young teased what is in store for the former First Lady. “She’s so excited to be part of the presidential campaign, but I think she’s really learning that it’s easier to be a backseat driver now that she’s behind the wheel. She just makes unbelievable mistakes,” she revealed.

She also shared her excitement for the fans to meet all the candidates as the show moves on to the primaries, mimicking what is currently happening in the real life political situation. “The old characters, the new characters, are really going to be a bunch of wild, wild craziness to watch,” she added.

Meanwhile, “Desperate Housewives” alum Ricardo Chavira is confirmed to join the cast in an undisclosed role. Speculations suggest that with the primary elections going on, he may either be Mellie’s opponent in the Republican side or a challenger in the Democratic side.

Titled “It’s Hard Out Here for a General,” the official synopsis of episode 10 reads, “It’s been six months since Olivia and Fitz broke up, and they are both handling their newfound freedom in very different ways. Meanwhile, the Pope and Associates team take on a case that could lead to a national crisis.”

“Scandal” returns from its winter hiatus for season 5 on Feb. 11 at 9 P.M. ET.