‘Scandal’ cast news: Kerry Washington talks about her character, daily routine, activism

Actress Kerry Washington talks about her daily life, her advocacies, and her character, Olivia Pope.

A promotional image for "Scandal" (Facebook/ScandalABC)

Actress Kerry Washington is fearless like her character in the highly-acclaimed political drama series “Scandal” on ABC.

When she is not acting, the New York City native devotes herself to parenting, fighting violence against women, fundraising to protect the civil rights of minorities, and advocating for the arts.

The actress is married to football pro-turned-actor Nnamdi Asomugha. They have a daughter named Isabelle, 3, and a son named Caleb, seven months. She believes in a world where everyone is “100 percent” worthy.

As for her daily routine, Washington follows Oprah Winfrey’s ritual.

“I check in with gratitude and grace when I wake up. I can be in a little bit of a state of overwhelm and panic if I don’t start out being connected to grace and gratitude,” she mentioned in her interview with Glamour.

At 40, the mother-of-two thinks that life has just started and that she’s getting better.

“For me, 40 feels like a beginning. I’m in the middle of so much new—with this career, the kids, and I’m still sort of a newlywed. I’m excited to be at this stage in life,” she said.

Washington is pursuing a business career in Hollywood. Also, she recently opened her production company, Simpson Street. Her company is designed “to tell stories that are about people, places, and situations that may not always be considered by the mainstream.”

She asserted that starring in “Scandal” gave her the opportunity to become a producer. She hopes to play her character for as long as Shonda Rhimes, the show creator, wants her to do so. The career journeys of actresses such as Jane Fonda, Cicely Tyson, and Diahann Carroll inspire her the most.

As for the future of her character in the drama series, Washington wants Olivia to discover what it means to be in power. She would also want her to know what it’s like not to have issues around healthy relationships.

The next episode of “Scandal” will air on Apr. 13 on ABC.