San Antonio Spurs news, trading rumors: Free-agent Al Horford to Spurs, Atlanta Hawks star to fill void slowly being allowed by Tim Duncan?


Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks could be a vital trading chip to be reeled in by the San Antonio Spurs in the upcoming free-agency madness this year. 

According to a report from Fansided, a possible trade scenario for the NBA All-Star would be a relocation to the Texas State in order to resurrect the fading glory of the ”Twin Towers” of the Spurs.

With 39-year-old Tim Duncan still trying to defy “Father Time” with the Spurs, Horford can be the man made available to share more of his minutes. Horford is known for his twirling post moves inside the box and has recently added more dimension to his game, but a number of basketball traits have also long been epitomized by Duncan in his 18-year stint with the Spurs.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, the former Florida Gator stand-out said, “The NBA game is changing a lot. I know everyone always says that, but especially these past three seasons I feel like it changed even more.”

“For me, I’m in the process of re-changing some aspects of my game to fit this new mold. It’s kind of forcing me to do some things that I haven’t done in the past,” the 29-year-old free-agent added.

With such a frame of mind, Horford and transplanted power forward LaMarcus Aldridge could work wonders on the offensive end especially since the former is no stranger to coach Greg Poppovich’s basketball system. Both players could work as a tandem with Aldridge operating on the left baseline, which he is most adept with, and Horford functioning from the other end providing that much needed screen.

In today’s NBA, which has players floating around fishing for points, a solid big man like Horford could be the necessary future to replace the aging frontline of the Spurs. Duncan’s lawyers, however, said in July 2015 to SB Nation that despite being a free-agent, he has no intention of retiring.

Fansided mentioned that, for things to fall into the right places, a third party should arise, namely the Milwaukee Bucks, who are mislaid due to lack of veteran presence. In this trading plate, the Spurs will have to let go of familiar Spurs’ faces Boris Diaw and Matt Bonner. Atlanta, who has already made it clear that they are shopping Horford, will be given swingman O.J. Mayo along with basketball hopefuls Kyle Anderson and Jonathan Simmons.