Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date, specs, rumors September launch confirmed by Samsung President minus Android M, processor testing ongoing, iPhone-like camera feature and RAW support expected


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s release date may be expected in September but minus the Android M because the operating system from Google will not make it in time for the launch of Samsung’s smartphone. Samsung President Jong-Kyun Shin officially announced the likelihood of September over July, according to Tech Times. It will be in Berlin. This trumps the early rumors that Galaxy Note 5 will be available for people in July.

As of the time of posting, the Galaxy Note 5’s interface is being tested using both Quad HD and Ultra HD. Galaxy 4 Note’s Qualcomm Snapdragon may be replaced. Rumor has it that the Galaxy 5 can use the Exynos all-in-one CPU that combines all elements such as modem, storage, RAM, and GPU in a single chip.

Digital Trends reports that there are numerous possibilities for the camera and higher powered battery of the new Samsung Galaxy Note. According to Know Your Mobile, it will have a Super AMOLED 4K display.

Consequently, Google’s new mobile OS will be in May or June. Software will be released by early October, which will overlap with the time frame by which Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be available in stores globally. Given that, it’s highly possible that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will ship with an older OS but an instant software update by the last quarter of the year when Google’s OS will be available for it,

Historically, announcements of new Samsung smartphones are found in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) typically held in February and the IFA trade fair that habitually takes place in September. This year’s IFA is slated from September 4 to September 9, 2015. The hype for Samsung’s latest gadget has been going on since 2014, according to Gotta Be Mobile. Possible direct competitors for this new phone include LG G4, iPhone 6S, and HTC One M9.