Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date skipped to bring Note 7? what to expect


The upcoming installment of Samsung’s Note flagship will be the Galaxy Note 7, instead of the Galaxy Note 6.

Fans have been waiting to hear more about the upcoming model of the Galaxy Note as the flagship has presented several unique features compared to other phablets in the market. The Galaxy Note series integrated a stylus, which has proven to be a successful asset to the device.

While there was a lot of anticipation for the Galaxy Note 6, it was recently reported that Samsung no longer planning to release the Galaxy Note 6. Instead, it will release the Galaxy Note 7. The number jump is said to be due to Samsung’s brand consistency.

It was said that Samsung wants to align the different devices released in the same year. With that, since the Samsung S7 was released this year, Samsung Note will most likely release the Samsung Note 7.

The change is expected to keep Samsung competitive with Apple, whose next model of iPhones are expected to release this year. Aside from that, the upcoming device is expected to boast a dual edge screen. It will also include a curved glass for its back, similar to the Galaxy Note 6. It will include its signature stylus, which is expected to be improved.

However, there has yet to be any official announcement regarding the release of the Galaxy Note 7. There are reports speculating that the Samsung Note 7 will be released sometime this August, just before the release of the upcoming Apple devices in order to be able to compete with the new products. 

With that, there are also experts claiming that the upcoming Samsung device will feature improved hardware compared to the Apple devices. This is due to the alleged conflict between Samsung and Apple. It was said that Samsung refused the use of their latest chip, which means that Apphardwareard will not be as advanced as Samsung.