Samsung news: tech company may be working on 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive display technology


It appears that Samsung is also getting their game on in the development of the pressure sensitive displays that are currently hot on the smartphone scene. Found in Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as on a few other devices, Samsung may be the next player in the scene.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office recently made a patent application public. According to the patent application, Samsung had been considering the use of a pressure sensitive display since April of 2014.

The patent request describes how the technology from Samsung would work. Each level of pressure will be equal to certain software responses. The results will be calculated based on the voltage applied. The harder the pressure applied, the higher the voltage that is applied. For example, when a user presses the “a” key on a normal force, it gives the “a” input. When pressed a little harder, it will give “A”. Another example is the use of the Copy command just by hard pressing the “C” button.

However, it was not made clear if the proposed technology ever reached production stage, and it is unknown whether or not the South Korean tech giant will be suing this proposed patent on any of their upcoming releases.

Just to recap, it was previously rumored that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone may be coming with a new pressure sensitive display property by leading interface company Synaptics.

According to famed leaker on Weibo I Ice Universe, Synaptics is currently in partnership with Samsung to incorporate the ClearForce pressure-sensitive display technology on the Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Similar to the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D touch, and the Huawei Mate S Force Touch technology, the new ClearForce allows more custom commands according to the user’s swipe, touch, press, hard press, and similar touch actions.