Samsung hard drive specs: meet the Samsung 16TB PM1633a


Get ready for the next big thing in the world of hard drives as Samsung recently unveiled what is, as of the moment, the “world’s largest hard drive” with a massive capacity of 16 terabytes.

According to a report by Ars Technica, Samsung unveiled the new PM1633a, the world’s largest hard drive that manages to squeeze 16 terabytes worth of storage space into a 2.5-inch SSD piece. The hard drive uses NAND flash chips, and is actually the technology behind the huge promise of capacity on the new SSD model.

The new 16TB PM1633a SSD is the South Korean tech giant’s new 256-gigabit, V-NAND flash memory, which can have a storage capacity of 32GB per die, twice the previous standards in SSD technology.

“With the introduction of our 3rd generation V-NAND flash memory to the global market, we can now provide the best advanced memory solutions, with even higher efficiency based on improved performance, power utilization and manufacturing productivity, thereby accelerating growth of the high-performance and the high-density SSD markets,” said Young-Hyun Jun, President of the Memory Business at Samsung Electronics, in an earlier press release. “By making full use of Samsung V-NAND’s excellent features, we will expand our premium-level business in the enterprise and data center market segments, as well as in the consumer market, while continuing to strengthen our strategic SSD focus.”

The new 16TB hard drive uses around 480 to 500 of Samsung’s new 256Gbit dies.

The SSD was unveiled at the previous Flash Memory Summit, where Samsung presented a server equipped with 48 PM1633a 16TB SSDs, totalling a storage capacity of almost 768 terabytes at 2,000,000 IOPS. By way of comparison to give readers a better idea of just how powerful this new Samsung hard drive is, a normal PC SSD has a performance rate of 10,000-90,000 IOPS only.

Samsung plans to market the new 16TB PM1633a SSD as an enterprise-grade hard drive, so interested users can now expect that the SSD to come at a cost. While there is no official release date or price announced yet, Ars Technica predicts that the price for the Samsung 16TB PM1633a would not go any lower than 5,000.