Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date news: launch could coincide with release of Galaxy S8


A sales representative stands right next to the company logos of Samsung and Apple in a mobile/gadget store in Anhui, China.

Leading smartphone and tablet maker Samsung is once again poised to launch a new device called the Galaxy Tab S3. While the expected turnout of anticipation and interest for the tablet may not be as great as one would expect, due to the adverse effect of the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding batteries, it’s just way too unfair to not let the South Korean electronics giant redeem itself.

The Galaxy Tab S3 was supposed to be announced at this year’s IFA trade show, according to Phone Arena. But because it did not happen, the likeliest scenario is that it’ll be announced and released next year. This is something that’s highly possible if one is to consider previous reports that Samsung will also be holding a massive event to launch its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Hence, both devices could be sharing the same release date.

The upcoming tablet is rumored to be offered in two variants, one with both Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities and the other with Wi-Fi only. But unlike other tablet or smartphone variants carrying the same name, the Galaxy Tab S3 is unique because the two are expected to be sharing the same 9.7-inch display, with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels.

Now, with the latest report from Sam Mobile claiming that the Galaxy Tab S3 will be debuting in the first quarter of next year, those who are optimistic and hoping that it will be released this year should start accepting the possibility that it won’t be seeing the light of day soon. Nevertheless, it still is wonderful news to learn that a successor to the highly successful and popular Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is indeed coming. Although it might be a while, at least it’s coming.