Samsung Galaxy S9 features one of the best smartphone cameras today

Samsung has released the Galaxy S9 with a much improved camera. (Facebook/SamsungUK)

Samsung has finally unveiled the newest addition to its highly acclaimed flagship smartphone line in the new generation Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. With their release, the Korean company managed to check a lot of boxes for many tech enthusiasts of today. However, the crowning jewel in the new generation phones is its camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s camera, dubbed as the “Super Speed Dual Pixel” camera is a huge upgrade to Samsung’s current Dual Pixel camera that was featured in previous iterations of the flagship phones.

The new camera includes dual apertures, one f/2.4 aperture that provides crisp photos and another f/1.5 aperture that works great in low-light environments. Samsung even designed a dedicated dynamic random access memory (DRAM) for the camera to process data for photographs without having to send it to the phone’s main RAM. This leads to faster and more efficient photo processing while producing photos with very little noise.

The Galaxy S9’s new camera also includes a new feature called Super Slow-mo. This allows users to capture videos in 720p HD at a whopping 960 frames per second. This speed, coupled with the quality of the image that the S9’s camera can capture, allows the new flagship phones to record incredibly detailed slow-motion footage.

With its upgraded features, the Samsung Galaxy S9’s new camera is comparable, or could even be better than that of Google’s highly acclaimed camera in the Pixel 2, and that of Apple’s expensive iPhone X.

The Galaxy S9 also includes improvements on its display. It still features the same Super AMOLED screen that was included in the previous generation of Galaxy phones. However, the new models feature displays that are noticeably brighter than past editions.

The new phones also feature a new Iris Unlock feature, AR Emojis, Bixby live translate, and various improvements in performance and power that helps it cement its position at the top of the Android smartphone charts.