Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs: Top-tier phone tipped to come with Android and Windows OS capabilities


With the iPhone 7 already officially launched, it’s time to head to Android territory with what could be Apple’s flagship’s main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S8. At this point, it all seems like a chess game between the American tech giant and its South Korean counterpart, so it is quite intriguing what the latter will roll out to outdo the former’s recent exploits.

Given that it appears Samsung is nowhere near launching the Galaxy S8, reports about it has been fairly irregular. So far, there have been no leaks that tech buffs can feast on. However, looking more into its predecessor and how the mobile is currently shaping, a couple of theories can be formulated.

The Galaxy S7 carried over a lot of features from the Galaxy S6, and if the company is once again willing to go down this route, fans can expect all the best bits of the past phones coming to play in the forthcoming one. Metal and glass were mainly the material used by Samsung in their latest phones, and with it being a hit among consumers, a deviation from it may not be in the cards for any handheld device at least for now.

Aside from the standard specs rumors, one interesting bit from the latest batch of reports is that Samsung is looking to release a dual boot phone in Galaxy S8. Website Sam Mobile got a hold of a patent that appears to be filed by Samsung last year which has a Galaxy style device running on both Android and Windows operating systems.

It is no secret that the Seoul-based conglomerate has been trying to cook up a dual boot phone starting with the Ativ-Q, which, unfortunately, did not see the light of day. Nevertheless, it seems like Samsung is once again tapping that realm by incorporating it into one of their most established product lines.

With Samsung’s highly rhythmic launch pattern, chalking it up to the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held sometime between February and March, chances are that the Galaxy S8 will see the light of day sometime around first and second quarter of 2017.