Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs: handset earlier than scheduled? Galaxy X in the works?


Samsung has been preoccupied as of late thanks to the battery blunder of their recently released banner phone, the Galaxy Note 7. However, this hurdle will soon be overcome by the company as the South Korean tech vendor could redeem themselves with the rife rumors surrounding their next top-end device that is the Galaxy S8. As early as the release of the Galaxy S7 over six months ago, rumors have been quite substantial and just like the S7, it is likely to see the light of day early next year.

As early as now, spy shots of the purported Galaxy S8 have been spotted online and they suggest that the company might have gone old school for the phone’s next iteration as the leaked images featured the handset as a flip phone with a dual display and a dial pad just like the ones found on GSM handsets of old.

Moreover, it is also believed by most tech analysts that Samsung could be releasing five smartphones armed with impressive specs that could once again re-establish their now flawed renown due to the aforementioned Galaxy Note 7 fumble. Having said that, there are also speculations that the next flagship will be released earlier than scheduled and could further highlight a better performing battery pack to finally quash the current fret among would-be buyers of the company’s devices.

Meanwhile, among the five rumored handsets, the so-called “Project Valley,” better known to some as the Galaxy X, is also making quite a buzz since tech gurus are theorizing that this could be the smartphone that Samsung has been talking about that will be sporting the highly flexible OLED display. Aside from the said feature, the screen is also rumored to feature Bio Blue which will automatically adjust the blue light emitted by the handset.

The release date for the Galaxy S8 is obviously far-off, but considering the company’s whim in releasing the said product line, it’s likely to be presented around March 2017 or earlier than scheduled.