Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs: Flagship to launch without the headphone jack?


In the advent of wireless audio in mobile devices spearheaded by Cupertino-based Apple, the trend seems to be catching up to other phone makers and one of the notable companies that may well seem to follow is Apple’s closest rival, Samsung.

Despite the South Korean tech giant’s current fiasco involving their Galaxy Note 7 flagship, the company is said to be gearing up in devising the next Galaxy S smartphone and as aforementioned the handset is rumored to be veering away from the audio connector.

However, the company may not go wireless after all as reports are suggesting that the still-prevalent audio jack might be replaced instead with a USB Type-C hub that is now being adopted by most of the current and upcoming mobile devices.

Meanwhile, if the spinning rumors about the hyped device are anything to go by, the Galaxy S8 is slated for next year’s release and is currently in development. Moreover, reports say that there will be two iterations of Samsung’s 2017 flagship handset and they are said to be donning the product IDs SM-G950 and SM-G955, as well as the codenames “Dream” and “Dream 2.”

In addition, the Galaxy S8 is speculated to be powered by either Samsung’s Exynos processor or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset that are both timed with impressive speeds. Nonetheless, fans should be taking this with a pinch of salt since the handset’s release is still far-off.

There were also suggestions from online tech gurus pointing out that the company should be setting their sights on re-establishing their reputation now that the Galaxy Note 7’s erring battery has flawed the Galaxy moniker. Analysts further explained that Samsung should be gearing up a notch in perfecting the Galaxy S8 to have an earlier than scheduled reveal and at the same time dampen the worsening Galaxy Note 7 woes.