Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, specs: ROM software rumored to be in the works; flagship to be presented in early 2017?


Reports are getting rife that South Korean conglomerate Samsung is back to the drawing board yet again and is rumored to be devising the yet to be unveiled Galaxy S8’s firmware.

However, it was pointed out that the firmware is region-specific and it is said that countries like the United States, France, Germany, China, and South Korea are among the chosen few to have the particular software.

Moreover, it is also believed that Samsung is working round the clock for the said read-only memory (ROM) as the newest iteration of the Galaxy S-series is speculated to be introduced early next year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Having said that, this could be Samsung’s way of making consumers finally forget the debacle that they have endured in recent months with the Galaxy Note 7’s defective battery pack.

It was noted previously that the company is rumored to be working on two renders of the Galaxy S8, but instead of naming the top-end version as “S8 Edge,” there are speculations that it could be called the “Galaxy S8 Plus.” Doing so would definitely raise some eyebrows given the fact that Apple first used the “Plus” suffix on the larger renders of the iPhone.

Though specs for both phones are still under wraps as of late, it is theorized that the Galaxy S8 will have a 5-inch screen while the S8 Edge/Plus could be crossing the phablet territory as it is rumored to be donning a 5.5-inch display.

In addition, the premium version of the flagship smartphone could feature 4K resolution while the other render might settle for a 2K display. Both handsets might boast of features such as virtual reality (VR) capability, the latest Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, and could be powered by either Samsung’s Exynos processor or a Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm.