Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors: new flagship may feature magnesium alloy chassis/unibody build


Latest rumors are suggesting that the long rumored Samsung Galaxy S7 might be coming with a stronger material composition, even harder and tougher than the previous Galaxy S6 flagship series.

According to a report by G for Games, the upcoming new flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy S7, will be made of magnesium alloy, with the material rumored to be either for the phone’s chassis, or for a unibody build.

If the Galaxy S7 did come with a unibody build made out of magnesium alloy, then it will mark its place in the history of Samsung’s firsts, as the first flagship device that is made entirely out of metal. As a refresher, the Samsung Galaxy S6 only has a metal framing, but features a glass back panel.

Magnesium alloy is a material that is stronger and tougher than aluminum, and yet still lighter. Magnesium alloy is estimated to be at least 2.8 times tougher than aluminum, yet at least 65% lighter than the material that the Galaxy S6 was made of.

Additionally, a Geekbench benchmark result showed an unidentified Samsung smartphone which also has the codename of Samsung “Lucky”. The said benchmark results showed that the Samsung “Lucky” will be powered by a powerful custom ARM octa-core Exynos chip, possibly the Exynos M1. This unidentified smartphone was speculated to be an early version of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Samsung “Lucky” got a score on AnTuTu of 72,355 points overall, 3,481 points in single threaded floating point, and 23,597 points in 3D graphics performance.

The Samsung “Lucky” shown in the Geekbench result comes with the new Adreno 530 GPU, which comes along with the Snapdragon 820 chip. It boots on Android Lollipop 5.1.1, and sports a 5.7-inch wide display with a 1440 x 2560 Quad HD resolution. It packs 4 GB worth of system RAM, along with 64 GB worth of built-in internal storage capacity. As for the camera, a 16 megapixels rear main camera is present, along with a 5 megapixels front snapper. It is also rumored that Samsung might be releasing tow variants of the Galaxy S7a 5.2-inch variant, and the 5.8-inch variant.

It was also reported that Samsung was the first OEM that got Snapdragon 820 test samples from Qualcomm, perhaps the reason behind the codename “Lucky.”